Instructions for taking a monogram order

When writing up your order for custom monogramming, please remember to provide us all the information necessary for us to process the order. Information required is divided into two sections.

1. Merchandise Information
2. Monogram Information

Section 1
Merchandise information:

1. How many of that item is there?
2. What is the color of the merchandise?
3. What is the Size of the merchandise? (For example: Bath Towel, or
Twin Flat Sheet)
Example: 4 White Bath Towels; 4 White Hand Towels.

Section 2
Monogram Information:

1. What are the initials? Make sure to highlight or underline the Surname. Many monogram style should get the Surname in the middle, but in other styles the surname goes at the end. Please note the monogram size if it is to be a specific size that may or may not be the standard size for that item. We will make it any size you request.

2. What is the thread color for the monogram? You can use any clear description of the color, or you can send us a cutting to match, or you can use any standard color range. For example: Fire Engine Red, Kelly Green, Royal Blue, Navy, Black, Ecru, White, Sun Yellow, and Bright Orange are all normally clear enough. If you want us to match wallpaper, send a cutting along with your order and mark the color that you want matched. If you are familiar with standard color ranges such as DMC, Pantone, Madeira or Robison Anton colors, give us the name and number of the color. (For example, DMC 800 Blue)

3. What is the placement of the monogram? If the position is specified we will follow your instruction, but if there is no mention of position we will use the standard position for that item. (For Example, centered above the hem on a Flat Sheet.)